Project Objectives

DynaMo explores current processes of change as well as future potentials for change (dynamics) in the urban mobility sector. Thereby, DynaMo focuses on social and technical innovations in the sociotechnical system of mobility investigating options for a more sustainable (economic, social and ecological) design of urban mobility systems. The research team analyzes different mobility-related case examples with an emphasis on the following perspectives and research questions:


  • Technology integration: How can information and communication technologies enhance sustainable mobility innovations?
  • Governance: How can sustainable mobility innovations be translated into successful business models on basis of local governance arrangements?
  • Changes in mobility practices: How do different mobility patterns evolve and how can they be steered into a sustainable direction?
  • Participation and legitimacy: How can mobility innovations be governed and under which conditions are they perceived as legitimate by citizens?


On the basis of the research findings and their interdisciplinary integration, problem-related policy recommendations will be developed, assessed and prioritized in exchange with relevant stakeholders and practice actors. The research group thus generates system knowledge on the interplay between social, technical, political and economic factors in the transformation of urban mobility. Furthermore, transformation knowledge will be compiled in the form of addressee-friendly recommendations for the implementation of respective sustainable solutions to pressing mobility challenges.