Nils Stockmann

Name: Nils Stockmann, M.A.


Position in DynaMo: PhD student


Contact details:

University of Muenster

Institute for Political Science

Scharnhorststraße 100

48151 Muenster


Tel: +49 251 8325343

Fax: +49 251 8332090

nils.stockmann (at)



Nils Stockmann studied Political Science & Economics (B.A.) and the Master program Political Science (M.A.), both at the University of Münster. From 2015 until the end of 2017 he was Student Assistant at the Institute for Christian Social Sciences (Catholic-Theological Faculty of the WWU). From January until April 2018 he worked as a Research Intern with the Northamerica Office of the German Research Foundation (DFG) in Washington, DC. Since June 2018 he is Research Fellow at the Junior Professorship for Global Environmental Governance.


Main research interests:

Empirically: EU Mobility Politics, Intersectoral Policy Integration, Knowledge and Justice in Sustainable Transformation Processes

Theoretically: Critical IR Norm Theory, International Political Sociology

Methodical: Qualitative-interpretative methods, discourse-analytical approaches



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  • Holthaus, Leonie; Stockmann Nils (2020): Who makes the world? Academics and (un)cancelling the future. In New Perspectives 28(3), pp.413-427. doi: 10.1177/2336825X20935246
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  • Stockmann, Nils; Graf, Antonia (2019): Nachhaltige urbane Mobilität von morgen zwischen Reproduktion und Dekonstruktion von Normen. In: Amosinternational 13(3), 10-16.
  • Heimbach-Steins, Marianne; Stockmann, Nils (2019): Ein Impuls zur „ökologischen Umkehr” – Die Enzyklika Laudato si’und die Rolle der Kirche als Change Agent. In: Heimbach-Steins, M. / Schlacke, S. (Hg.): Die Enzyklika Laudatio si‘ – ein interdisziplinärer Nachhaltigkeitsansatz? Nomos, Baden-Baden. S. 11-53.
  • Stockmann, Nils (2016): Rezension zu Stefan Federbusch – Nachhaltig wirtschaften – gerecht teilen. In Amosinternational 10(4), p. 45.
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