Esther „Esthi“ Zipori (Associated Researcher)

Name: Esther „Esthi“ Zipori


Position: PhD Student, New Jersey Institute of Technology / Associated Researcher with DynaMo



New Jersey Institute of Technology

College of Architecture and Design

Urban Systems Urban Environment Track

Weston Hall, Newark, NJ 07102


E-Mail: ez6(at)



Esthi has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Infrastructure Planning from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) College of Architecture and Design (COAD). She has over three years of experience working as a designer, planner and organizer. Her work focuses on the system of automobility (mobility) in urban form contemporary cities and current futures visions in a finite earth. Her dissertation explores the future of streets urban from with emerging technologies (autonomous, electrical, flying cars, scooters, etc), shifting social preferences and urban planning practices (walkability standards, people focus, mobility as service).

Her past project include working for the City of Princeton, a team member with interboro design firm submission to NYC Rebuild by Design Competition, the 2015 Global Schindler award in Shenzhen, China, and the 2017 Driverless Future Competition. Esthi teaches in both undergraduate and graduate programs offered at COAD NJIT.


Research Interests:

Automobility & Mobilities theory, policy and design practices, neighborhood planning, place-making and sustainable solutions, spatial documentation, policy analysis and design and planning pedagogy



  • Smart Mobility Cities Linking Kuala Lumpur and Bristol Report, contributor, March, 2018, Vision 2030;
  • “Distracted pedestrians are not the threat Honolulu says they are” , Maurie J. Cohen & Esther Zipori,  Aug 2017, OP-ED in Next City.
  • “Anticipating post-automobility: design policies for fostering urban mobility transitions”, Esther Zipori & Maurie J. Cohen, 2015, International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development.


For further information see Esthi’s personal website.