The junior research group DynaMo within the research funding program ‘Social-Ecological Research’ of Germany’s ‘Federal Ministry of Education and Research’ (BMBF) worked on inter- and transdisciplinary research in the field of urban mobility between 2016 and its successful completion in April 2022. This homepage provides an overview about the (published) work of DynaMo, continuing projects and the contact of the involved researchers.


The work of DynaMo resulted in multiple academic and practice-orientated publications which are widely accessible. Furthermore, the involved researchers have worked on comprehensive qualification projects in the field of urban mobility transitions.

Our Team

The DynaMo project involved researchers from Political Science, Sociology and Urban Planning and fortified an inter- and transdisciplinary research approach. The members of the DynaMo research team continue to work in elevated positions within academia and practice.


Here you can find information on important dates, developments and research results during the DynaMo project. This section will not be updated after the project’s termination.

All articles can be found here




dynamo (at) uni-muenster.de