DynaMo Events 2019

In 2019 the DynaMo Research Group is Keen to Push Forward the Trans- and Interdisciplinary Integration as Well as the Individual Research Projects of the Group Members at Different Events Organized by the Group. Starting With an Upcoming Internal Workshop (March 25 & 26) Those Include:

  • a Practice Partner-Workshop (Stuttgart, July 2) to Elaborate on Questions of Transdisciplinary Integration Regarding Mobility Measures on the Local Level and Their Relevance for Urban Mobility Transitions.
  • a PhD-Conference (Stuttgart, September 23 & 24) Dedicated to Discuss the Individual Projects of the Group’s PhD Researchers with External Experts and Fellow PhD Researchers.

Further Information on These Events Will be Provided Here Shortly, as Well as a Documentation of the Efforts Afterwards. Besides These Self-Organized Events the Group Members Strive to Present and Discuss Their Work at Different National and International Conferences and Publications.

As Always, we are Grateful for Your Interest in our Work and Happy to Hear About Your Questions Regarding these Events and our Projects!