11th International Sustainability Transition Conference (Vienna, AT)

The 11th International Sustainability Transition (IST) Conference, hosted by the Austrian Institute of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, took place from August 18-21, 2020. The international conference was held in digital form for the first time and was titled „Governance in an Era of Change – Making Sustainability Transitions Happen“.


DynaMo members Berenike Feldhoff and Matthias Leger presented first results of their dissertation projects for discussion at the IST. In a mobility session of the research track ‚Governance‘ Feldhoff presented the role of bicycle activism for the sustainable transformation of urban mobility. The presentation entitled „The Mobility Transition from Below – New Forms of Citizen Participation in the Field of Sustainable Mobility“ highlighted two dimensions of bicycle activism in Germany: 1) The bicycle activists‘ choice of strategy and 2) The bicycle as symbol and tool.


In the same session Matthias Leger gave an insight into the theoretical basis of his project. In the talk „Routines and Infrastructures: Discussing Crucial Points for Urban Mobility Transitions from a Practice Theory Perspective“ he outlined, based on initial empirical data, the possibility of coherently integrating two central elements of the theory of social practices into a more comprehensive framework.


Further information on the conference can be found here.